29 = 11.


This train smells funny,  and I'm on my way to a place I hate. A place I hate for choosing to keep you in it's darkness. A place you made me see it different. A place where I belong, and later on,  belonged.
Hush,  dry your eye...

I spark a memory, and light up my cigarette.
I close my eyes, and see what I didn't have, what I never was,  who I am,  what I'll never have,  who I will become.
I can read between the lines.
I can see,  with eyes wide shut.
I'm alone in here, again, in that fortress I thought forgotten.
The fountain of 13 faces.
I look at yours, and it burns under my skin.
Soul mate, dry your eye...
I'm here.
You're there.
You're here.
You disappear.
I'm here.
I'm here again.
I can smell spring in your blood.
You're there.
I wrap my arms around your shadow, and I can hear your heart beat.
Soul mates never die...

Time doesn't exist here.
It's irrelevant.
Everything is irrelevant.
I'm angry,  and I want to shout, cause I can't feel anything anymore.
I'm numbed by everything you'd call beautiful.
I'm sick of it all. 
There's no religion, no despise, there's nothing.
This world is suffocating , there's a pain that never dies...
Read between the lines.

8th floor.
I see her face,  and I know I'll always love her.
I see your face,  and I know I'll always love you.
Did you forget the 366th day we added to '09?
It was each other we despised.
We never died.

I follow the stairs to my broken home.
It began.
Chaos is reaching perfection,  one more time.

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