"Listen to that song."
"I tried. It's not coping with my mood."
"And your mood is...?"
"Numb. Until I hear your voice again."

I remember begging you not to leave, back then, when we were just teenagers.
You didn't.
I did.
And I don't regret it enough,  cause none of "us" would have survived until now.
There are days when I'm calling you,  days when I'm craving for your presence, days when I regret not being there, years since I last slept in your arms.
They never end.
"what if we'd still be"s never end.
They never do.
You've been my lover, best friend and my family.
I've been your lover, best friend and your family.
We've conquered worlds together.

We stopped using the word "us" shortly after our love burst onto each others lips. We became a whole,  fuelled by desire,  power, love and lust.
We ruined it, while holding hands, with tears in our eyes, in the middle of a capital I hate. There were people watching,  and there were people passing by. Time was running around us, and I thought I'll never see you again.
We just stood there in silence, sealing our love with salty tears, and one last kiss.
We moved on and forgot about each other. 
We forgot to cherish our presence.
We never forgot how to love each other.
We cannot trust anybody else but us.

i know now, we're sowing our bloodstream on different paths, but we'll always have one heart.

You never left.
Thank you.

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