Although I ran away my entire life, from being like you, here I am. 
As normal as you are...
We don't have different needs, just cravings, and sometimes those are the same as well. 
Here I am. 

In a double bed, with someone on my right, breathing loud and deep, sleeping. 
Here I am. 
I need this person to be on my right, so I can go insane every time it makes me feel sane, safe, miserable. 
Here I am. 
Having friends, to let in, to tear me up inside for their own needs. 
Here I am. 
Listening to advices I should have taken long time ago. 
Here I am.
Wishing this would be a single bed and I'd be different from you, having different needs and cravings. 
Here I am. 
Fighting, again, with a past that's not mine. Fighting with a past I wish it'll be gone today, cause I don't want to deal with it anymore. 
Here I am. 
Being me. 
Losing it. 
Losing interest. 
Not being you. 
Here I am.
Starting a new life tomorrow. 
Different than yours. 

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